Angels at the Rainbow Bridge

This page is dedicated to the wonderful souls that have been a part of the
Moving Paws family and are now living happily at the rainbow bridge…


Are the faces of Moving Paws.
They are the adored doggies of Founder, Debbie Mundy.
Toby passed on 16.02.13 aged 9 years
Ruby passed on 18.07.13 aged 16 years

ruby and toby1


Norma passed away 18.04.2015.  She was the cherished Mum of Debbie our Founder and Judy our Committee Member, but most of all she was the strength and advise behind Debbie helping with a lot of rescue decisions.  She loved and adored every dog that came through the MP doors.  They were her family too.   Norma was referred to and will be remembered as “Nana MP”.  She is so deeply missed, but now looking after all our furbabies in heaven.
Lexie, Norma’s beloved Jack Russell terrier that became her soul mate and shadow after the passing of her husband in 2000 became an angel on 24.12.2015 after being such a courageous and strong patient of heart disease for 9 years.  She lived every moment to the full, she was a little ratbag and had Nana wrapped around her paw.  She watched many foster doggies come and go and was a dedicated and loving companion. They are both reunited after 8 months apart.

Lokie was rescued by Moving Paws on 28.07.13 and found his loving furever home with Mama, Rita.  He passed to the rainbow bridge on 19.02.14 – he was a gorgeous musketeer who was fostered by Debbie and adored by all who met him.  He was the first Moving Paws rescue dog to cross over.
Watch Lokie’s Journey here 

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Our Popstar was rescued by Moving Paws on 10.02.14, after spending many years of neglect, she found her forever home with Debbie and was a treasured family member.  She was given her wings on 09.03.14

Watch Poppy’s journey here

POPPY for web

Alfie was rescued by Moving Paws and arrived in Adelaide on 20.03.14, he was in a bad way, he was given treatment, love, care and attention and passed away having a name, a family and with dignity on 22.03.14

Watch Alfie’s journey here

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Harry came to MP on 12.05.14 from Hawkesbury Pound NSW, he was just a small 3.5kg little boy (he should have been around 6kg), he had a lovely disposition and was such a sweet natured boy, but unfortunately he had so much going on in his small body. He fought hard and with the help of SA Vetinary Referrals we did everything possible to keep Harry alive but it was all too much. He passed to the bridge on 19.05.14

Watch Harry’s journey here


Buddy was 5 years old – he was MP forever doggy that lived at HQ. He was a darling. He loved nothing more than to play with his toys – the more the better!  He was a timid, loving soul that was truly adored.  He went to the vet for a routine procedure, but due to unforseen circumstances our boy did not pull through, he was needed at a higher level and passed to the rainbow bridge on 22.05.14

Watch Buddy’s story here


Tazzy came into MP care on 22.12.2014. He was surrendered by his owners with his best mate, Snowie.  It wasn’t long before we realised Taz had heart failure as was not a candidate for adoption.  He and Snowie were to remain MP Furever Doggies.  Taz had x-rays, an ECG and was placed on medication to assist him live a comfortable retirement.  He adored his new life, constantly wagging his tail.  We lost darling Taz to the rainbow bridge on 10.03.2015 when his heart finally failed.

Watch Taz’s story here


Henry was one of our first interstate rescues.  He was rescued from Hawkesbury Pound NSW on 08.03.12. He had been reported missing by his family 12 months earlier, when they receive the call that Henry had been found they no longer wanted him. Moving Paws jumped at the chance to help this delightful boy.  He came to HQ and there he was the soothing soul, he calmed each rescue dog that entered through the doors, Nanna MP said he was not to be re-homed, he had found his furever home and his calling. He was the most loving, caring and soft soul we have had the pleasure to help.  He was truly loved and adored by all who met him. Henry passed on 03.06.15 with a very quick and rapid onset of renal failure.  He is truly missed.

Watch Henry’s story here

Henry (2)

Eddie was one of Moving Paws first rescues.  He was rescued from Renbury Farm NSW on 9th December, 2011.  He was fostered by our member, Judy where she instantly fell in love and Eddie found his furever home.
Eddie had a lot of ailments, blindness, ear infections from poor ownership, but this never deterred him, he was the softest, quietist little soul and spent his retirement in comfort being loved and adored.  Eddie passed to the rainbow bridge on 06.09.2015 surrounded by love.  Run free sweet boy.

Watch Eddie’s journey here


Dear Diesel – to become known as “Cheesy Diesel” come into MP care on 16.1.14 as a private rehoming.  He had retina damage in his eye from a previous accident and was living in a rather overwhelming home where he wasn’t coping.  He was adopted on 8.3.14 and lived a wonderful retirement in the care of Maryann and Harry.  Our dear boy passed on 21.10.15 from a heart attack.  He will always be remembered as a sweet, loving, caring, patient and adored bubba boy.
Vale Cheesy.

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DIESEL for web

Dear Tia came into MP care on 26.7.14 after her dear Dad could no longer care for her.  She was a scared, timid girl suffering from fear aggression.  She adapted well in foster care but needed added attention so she spent time getting professional training and she had a very dedicate foster mum in Pam who made sure Tia found her reason to blossom.  Tia found her furever home with her dear Mum, Roma on 1.4.15 and they shared an exceptionally special bond.  Tia began suffering from Addisons disease, but she was such a fighter and with her Mum by her side they fought it together and Tia was doing really well.  Late in January 2016 Tia grew complications and her quality of life suffered, her darling Mum made the hard decision to give her one last blessing and give her her wings.  Tia crossed the rainbow bridge on 29.1.16.  Forever remember, forever in our hearts.

Watch Tia’s story here


Pippa was rescued from Hawkesbury Pound In January 2013.  The moment we saw her rescue photo we named her and booked her flight.  She unfortunately was a fear biter and struggled in a busy foster home and we knew she would have trouble being adopted.  Nanna MP took Pippa in as a furever dog and gave her the life of a princess.  She loved the park, the beach and belly rubs and her smile was a delight.  Only her family really knew her and she truly loved her family.  Pippa was taken unexpectedly on 30.01.16 at the young age of approximately 11 by an inguinal hernia.  We are MP as always were heartbroken.  Now reunited with her beloved Nanna.

See Pippa’s journey here



Charlie was rescued from Hawkesbury pound in November 2012 where he had been found tied to a car. His named was Shut Up.  He had spent his whole life there. His brother (known as Come Here) died chained to the car.
When Charlie arrived I was so worried as to what his behaviour would be. Worry we need not, he was a polite, adorable and loving boy.
He was re-homed pretty quick to Annie (and her daughter Emma) who had recently lost her husband. He became her shadow. He lived on adorable acreage and had a life every dog deserves. He
crossed to the rainbow bridge on 7th March, 2016 knowing he sincerely mattered and knowing how much he was loved by so many.
It was a pleasure to have fostered you dearest Charlie. Forever loved, forever remembered.

Watch Charlies journey here

charlie 1


Raphi came into our lives for six short months after his owner went into care.  He was an elderly boy but he still had plenty of love to give and that he did, he lit up the room.  He had failing sight but he loved to potter and adored sunshine on his fur, he remained in furever care with Sharon and her crew and ate all the good food and had the vet care he needed until his time came to pass to the bridge on 26.04.2016 in his sleep surrounded by his family.  Forever in our hearts dearest Raph.



A very special senior that MP rescued from Hawkesbury Pound NSW 29.10.12.  It really was love at first sight, he fitted into HQ with the crew and he was a delight to foster.  He moved in foster care with Pam and Roger and they too adored him.  He has a quiet, gentle soul.  We rehomed Dougie in early 2013 and he spent a wonderful retirement with Rae a lovely mature lady that had lost her husband.  Dougie loved his quiet life and we are so grateful we got to give him that second chance.  Dougie passed to the rainbow bridge on 23.3.2016.  Rest peacefully dear Dougie.

Our darling Timmy arrived in our care on 20th March 2014 from Blacktown Pound.  We were quick to discover he was in a bad way. He had 41 teeth removed that would have been causing a lot of issues, he had dementia and was underweight.  He was pampered in foster care and after 3 months of medication his dementia calmed down and he was the most delightful boy you could imagine.  He spent the days relaxing with Nana MP and the nights cuddled at HQ.  Timmy was a fighter and an inspiration.  He suffered from Cushings Disease and due to his tiny statue and age we treated it naturally rather than the invasive medical way and he took every lotion and potion put to him, he loved his food, he loved his cuddles and we loved giving them. On 12th June, 2016 Timmy passed peacefully at 4.35am surrounding by nothing but love.  He will forever be in our hearts.

Spikey was rescued from a Mildura pound in July 2014.  He was a senior boy with quirky ways but it didn’t take him long in foster care to realise the finer things in life.  He found a wonderful retirement with Carmen, Tibor and furbro, Jacko and lived the beachside lifestyle where he was pampered and adored.  We were lucky enough to remain in contact with Spike through our holiday care program where he visited when his folks were away.  Spikey had dementia and it was being managed well and he always had quality of life.  Unfortunately on 16th June 2016, while holidaying at HQ, Spikey passed away peacefully surrounded by the senior pack.  You were a special boy Spikey; never to be forgotten.


Darling Molly came to MP on 5.4.16 when her dear Mumma passed away.  Molly was with family that could no longer keep her.  From the moment we met her, we loved her! She had one eye and after a vet check we found her teeth needed a good clean and she was suffering from a grade 3 heart murmur, but the life this doggy had was unbelievable, a heart of gold!  She settled in really well at HQ and had no issues with other doggies.  She began heart medication and we monitored her closely before she headed off to her furever home who were patiently waiting in the wings!  on 22.5.16 she moved in with her beloved family, The Scorgies.  They adored her as did her fursister, Poppy.  We got weekly updates and we smiled at everyone.  This gal got cuddles, beach walks, fine food, lots of love and tlc.  We could not have wished for a better outcome.  Unfortunately her heart condition worsened very quickly and on 22.7.16 Molly crossed to the rainbow bridge surrounded by her devoted family and myself (I was blessed the family allowed me to say goodbye).  Mols you will be furever remembered sweet one.

Watch Molly’s journey here

Photo 22-07-2016, 16 20 57

Moving Paws Inc rescued dear Bart from the Geelong Animal Shelter on 23.1.13, he was found as a stray on 28.12.12.  He was fostered by my sister, Judy and quickly officially adopted. He was a kind, quiet, loving and adorable little munchkin that was loved by all, on the 17th August 2016 it was his time to be re-united with his brother, Eddie at the rainbow bridge. He fought hard to stay with us, but he is now in peace after receiving nothing but a royal retirement where he wanted for nothing.  He was adored unconditionally. We are left with another set of paw print on our hearts, but also wonderful memories of a darling boy that bought so much joy to his home and family.

Watch Bart’s Journey here


Ellie came into MP care on 4.5.13 when her family downsized and could not take her with them.  She was such a well adjusted doggy who just loved life and everyone could see that, hence it only took 1 week for her to find her furever home with Sue.  She was loved, adored and cherished and everyone that met her, loved her.  She was truly part of the family and lived a wonderful retirement. Life had other plans for our sweet girl as she was diagnosed with a very rare liver/skin disease, but like everything she took it in her stride.  Her time came on 29.7.16 and our dearest Ellie grew her wings.  You will be forever loved and remembered sweet girl.

Watch Ellie’s journey here


Whiz was the first face of Moving Paws Inc in 2011-2013.  Debbie met Whiz and his family through a house sale and they remained in constant contact.  Whiz was a regular at HQ for holiday care, slumber parties and just because we loved him.  We are honoured that his family allowed us to be part of his farewell on 31.08.2016.  Whiz has left behind amazing life long memories.  

View Whiz’s journey with MP here


Buttons was rescued from Mildura pound on 12.2.15 after her family had passed. She was a darling little senior that bought a smile to all – it was contagious! She was quickly adopted by Glyn and Mick on 12.3.15 and lived a wonderful retirement, unfortunately our dear girl grew her wings on 03.09.16 after developing cancer.  Run free sweet girl. Forever in our hearts.

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Dear Jeanie became a MP sanctuary doggy in January 2015, her dear Mumma had gone into care (and passed away just a few weeks later).  Jeanie had some behaviour issues (as small Chi’s do!) and also some health issues.  She was very much loved at HQ and a cherished family member.  She began to trust and was outgoing, she adored her walks, rolls and runs in the park and loved her humans.  She had a gorgeous personality for those that truly knew her.  Jeanie passed away unexpectedly in her sleep on 20.1.17.  She will forever be in our hearts.

View Jeanies journey here


Our darling Ollie came to MP via NSW pound on 6.12.12, he was so skinny and sick.  It appeared he was suffering from liver issues, many tests, lots of yummy food, tlc and a loving home and our Oliver pulled through.  He was adopted by Nanna MP and was one of the pack.

He was a quiet, gentle boy who was a pleasure to have in the home.  Ollie did get dementia but we worked through that and he enjoyed his potters in the park and lots of snoozing time.

Our darling boy passed away at home naturally, in my arms surrounded by his loving furfriends on 13.3.17.  His memory will always be treasured.  Farewell our little Ol.

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Toby was taken into MP care on 9.2.14 after his owner had passed away.  It wasn’t long and he was adopted by Rita, who had recently lost another MP angel, Lokie.

Toby had a wonderful retirement with Rita and her family and wanted for nothing.  He was a loving, devoted companion who made many precious memories with his new Mumma.

Toby grew his wings on 1.4.17.  Forever remembered sweet angel.

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Jack arrived into MP care on 20.7.14, his family no longer wished to take care of him at the age of 15. He was in foster care for a small time and it came to light that Jack needed ongoing care for mild dementia and some ongoing health issues.  He became a MP furever doggy and we loved having him as part of the family.

He as never far away, always by your feet wanting to be part of the action, we got his dementia under control, he has some nasal issues that had a few surgeries, but his main ailment was his untreated arthritis.  He was on high dose pain killers and lots of natural treatments, but it never really slowed him down, he always tried so hard to keep up.  His trips to the park he adored!  His comfy deluxe beds he treasured. He was so easy to care for and we were blessed to have him in his retirement years.  Jack passed away in my arms with his Aunty by his side on 8.4.17.  Run free Big Fella – your memory lives on.

View Jack’s journey here


Our darling Benny arrived in MP care on 4th December, 2016.  He had a lot of issues going on. He was diagnosed with Cushings Disease and after lots of vet vists and test we had his medication AOK.  He also had several large fatty lumps removed from all over.  He lived 4 months with Su in foster care and then moved in HQ where he was immediately a pack member.  While Deb was overseas on holidays he spent 1 month in the loving care of the Scorgie family who adored him.  He suddenly became very ill and within days pneumonia took him to the bridge, our hearts were broken.  Our darling boy became an angel on 11th August, 2017.  He will forever be remembered and loved.

Please watch Benny’s journey here


Layla came to MP via RSPCASA on 30.4.14.  She was a senior dog with allergy issues and some mild dementia.  She spent some time at HQ and then was placed in furever foster until April 2016 when she returned to HQ and settled into the farm life, where she was a very much loved pack member.  She lived the quiet life with her senior and special needs friends and never wanted for more.  She was a pleasure to have in her retirement.  In July, 2017 while Debbie was overseas, Layla suffered a severe vestibular attack.  Many test and scans were performed, she had acupunture, but sne never recovered and she contracted a chest infection and her quality of life was no longer there, she was given her wings on 12.8.17 in the loving arms of her Mumma.  Layla’s sweet nature will live on forever.  Always and forever.

Watch Layla’s journey here


Dear Flynn came to MP via a country pound on 21.3.17, he had a prolapsed spine, and an anal hernia, but he had the most beautiful disposition.  He was instantly a furever dog.  Flynn was de-sexed, vaccinated, his hernia was repaired and he received acupuncture and massage for his spine.  He took all his medications and natural products and you could see the delight in his eyes when he would trot in the park – all the added help really assisted with his movement.  His ailments never let him down, he was always part of the action and always loved to be close by.  He was a real trooper and a true inspiration.  He crossed to the bridge on 20.9.2017. Flynn leaves behind some very treasured memories.

Watch Flynn’s journey here


Penny came into MP care on 30.8.14 as a senior girl when her dear Mumma had to go into a nursing home.  We promised Penny would be loved and adored and that she was.  She spent her retirement with Sharon and her crew and loved rolling in the grass and zipping around the back yard.  She was a little gem that really was no trouble at all, she was on heart medication and skin medication, but we adored having her as part of the family.  She was called to meet her Mumma on 21.10.17.  Rest in peace sweet girl.

Watch Penny’s journey here.


Maddi came to MP via rspca on 20.1.16, she had been found lost and alone in the southern suburbs, her owner was found and hopefully prosecuted for allowing her health to decline. Mads had untreated glaucoma and one eye was removed to relieve the pain, she had specialist appointments that saw she had perfect vision in her remaining eye, however just 2 weeks after her eye removal, she went completely blind.  This never stopped our little pocket rocket, she got around no problems at all.  She was a little trooper, took everything in her stride.  She lived a happy life with the pack at HQ and suddenly developed renal failure which took only 6 days to send her to the rainbow bridge on 23.10.17, but we packed as much as we could in those 6 days and made sure she knew just how much she was loved and adored.  Forever cherished dearest Mads.

Watch Madelyn’s journey here


Dear RobRob arrived from a rural pound on 29.11.15, he was underweight, his teeth were rotten and after being vet checked we found he had a number of ailments, renal disease, heart disease and bowel issues.  He was a tough little fella and had some rough days, but he always ate what he needed and loved his new life with Jude and his furfamily, he had plenty of trips to the park, the beach and rides in the car. He was part of the family and we loved him. He crossed to the rainbow bridge on 23.10.17.  Always and forever.

Watch Robbie’s journey here


Marlo was surrendered to us in September 2017 and quickly made his vet his new owner – there was no denying he knew where he wanted to be.  Dr. S and her partner gave this boy the best months of his life. Unfortunately darling Marlo gained his wings just before Christmas 2017 after a tragic accident.  RIP Marlo, you are going to be greatly missed seeing you trotting around the clinic after your Mum.


Snowie came into care with her beloved brother on 22.12.14, it was quickly decided they both would remain forever doggies due to their age and health conditions. She was such a sweet little girl, so tiny in statue, so big in personality. She was officially adopted by her foster carers, Chris and Ray on 11.12.2015 at the commencement of their own rescue organisation, Hope Springs.  Snowie crossed to the rainbow bridge on 29.12.2017 to be reunited with her brother.

Watch Snowie’s journey here


Dear Misha came to MP on 12.8.17 with her brother Pepe, they both needed a lot of love, tlc and care – they got it!  She had her eye removed due to glaucoma, she was also fully blind in her other, she had a much needed groom and was allowed back into the comfort of a home after sleeping 2 years in a garage at night.  She got daily arthritis medication for her ailing limbs. On 9.1.18 she collapsed and became paralysed down her left side.  We did massage, acupuncture and medication, Misha was determined to fight but on 19.1.18 her body became tired and it was her time to cross to the bridge.  She was a darling girl with a heart of gold.  She will be forever cherished.

Watch Misha’s journey here


Pepe arrived at MP with his sister, Misha (above) on 12.8.17, they were a bonded pair needing lots of attention.  Pepe was insulin dependant, but had the sweetest soul, nothing fazed him, he had very limited sight but he still got around and was part of the pack.  He lost his sister and it broke his heart, 4 days later on 23.1.18 he passed peacefully in his sleep.  We hold wonderful memories of our time together.

Watch Pepe’s journey here


CC arrived into MP care via RPSCASA on 22.7.16, he was aged 18 – he still had plenty of life in him and lots of love to give.  He was officially adopted by the Scorgie family on 10.9.16 and he lived the best retirement any pooch could as for – lots of walks on the beach, ice cream, belly rubs and most of all lots of love.  Darling CC gained his angel wings on 31.1.17 surrounded by his loving family.  Run free beautiful boy.

Watch CC’s journey here


Sweet Lucy was surrendered to Moving Paws in August 2012 when her Mum went into nursing care.  She was quickly adopted by Fiona and her family on 21.9.2012, she had a lovely 2 years but she was finding it hard to deal with young children and we were asked to help find her the perfect home on 24.4.2014, which she did.  She found a wonderful new home with Rose and Emma on 14.5.14.  We were blessed to have her at MPHQ for holiday care in September 2017 where we noticed Lucy’s health had began to weaken, but that adorable charm and smile was still there.  We put a plan in place for her to help with a comfortable retirement.  Lucy’s time came in late February, 2018 when she grew her wings and joined our family at the rainbow bridge.  We cherish beautiful memories of such a sweet girl.

Watch Lucy’s journey here


Barley arrived into MP care 6.7.15 he suffered from hypothyriodism and seizures.  He was such an adorable little chap and fitted into any situation.  He was adopted by Jo and Adam 3.10.15 and he had a furfriend, Misha. He was spoilt rotten and was truly an adored member of the family. He became a big brother to his human sister, Ashlee and watched over her every day.  Barley grew his angel wings very suddenly after being diagnosed with cancer on 7.3.18.  Furever in our hearts.

Watch Barley’s journey here


Pepe came to MP via rspcasa on 22.5.15, he suffered from severe pancreatitis and was 14.5 years old. We decided to keep Pepe as a sanctuary doggy and he lived permanently with Sharon. He was a happy go lucky little fella who just loved the simple things in life. Sharon officially adopted him on 3.1.18. He had developed kidney disease a little while ago but was travelling well and was being monitored, he became sick very quickly and crossed the bridge 14.3.18.  Keep smiling Pepe the pony, until we meet again.

Watch Pepe’s journey here


Dear Bobby was surrendered to Moving Paws on 24.5.2016 and was immediately adopted by his foster carer, John.  He was an adored and cherished part of the poodle family. He lived a full and happy life with his sister, Olive who was also adopted by John.  Bobby was called to his resting place on 15.3.2018 after having enjoyed a wonderful retirement only knowing love and care.

TWO-BOB (was Banjo)

Banjo was rescued from a country shelter on 11.8.2012, he was a delight to have in foster care, he fitted in straight away.  He was adopted on 26.8.2012 to Christine and Eric who loved, adored and cared for Two-Bob.  He was a special boy who needed some guidance and they gave it to him.  They always remained in touch with us.  On 10.4.2018 he was called to the rainbow bridge.  We hold very fond memories of this sweet boy.  Run free until we meet again.



Charly came to MP on 26.3.14 after a lovely couple rescued her when his owners were going to have him put to sleep when they arranged to go on a holiday and forgot to book a dog sitter!
Charly was adopted by Rudi and spent a wonderful retirement being best mates with his owner.
Sadly Charly crossed to the bridge on 2.7.18.  We hold our memories dear.


Keira came to MP from the RSPCASA on 25.7.16 as a senior girl with a heart of gold.  She had some skin issues that we worked with and she was adopted by her Mumma, Rachael on 14.8.16, she had a wonderful retirement living with her fur siblings and was cherished by her Mum.  Keira grew her wings on 14.7.2018 and is now running free at the bridge while we cherish the memories we made.



Kirby-Lee came to MP from a country SA pound on 22.4.17, she was such a darling girl, although she didn’t like grooming too much! Her foster carer officially adopted her on 19.9.17 and she became Keira’s little sister. In February 2018 Kirby-Lee developed a mass on her lung that was pressing on her trachea, she received all the necessary medication and loads of love, but was called to the bridge on 29.8.18, reunited with her sister and brother.  Run free precious girl.

Watch Kirby-Lee’s journey here


Dino came into MP care on 13.8.17, he had been an only doggy living with an elderly gentleman.  He hadn’t had much socialisation.  After his initial vet check it was evident Dino had prostate cancer, we had him de-sexed straight away.  There were also growths in his bladder and kidney.  He lived sometime with Lee-Ann and her family, then spent some holiday time at HQ with the crew and finally found his furever Mumma, Sue and lived a lovely, quiet retirement being treated like a king.  Dino was called to the rainbow bridge on 10.9.2018.  Run free Dino the Dynamo – we cherish our memories.

Watch Dino’s journery here


Ellie was Debbie’s personal dog rescued before Moving Paws was created.  Ellie was adopted through the RSPCA on 13.8.2010, she had a hernia and very back bronchitis, it is believed she was used for breeding and was around 8 years of age. From the moment she was seen, Debbie made sure she became a Mundy.  She joined the clan of 2 other Pomeranians Ruby and Toby and her brother, Billy who had recently been adopted from the RSPCA also.  Ellie had a happy life and accepted all the dogs that came into her home.  As she got older she suffered a collapsed trachea and airway and lost her hearing and became vision impaired but it never stopped her from getting around and being the fiesty gal she was.  She crossed to the rainbow bridge in her sleep on 12.9.2018 leaving many treasured memories.  RIP Ellie Belly.

Watch Ellie’s journey here


We first re-homed Luna in 2011, she was one of our first projects.  She then came back to MP 31.12.2017, she was re-homed and unfortunately it was not the right match, at this time her foster carers Pauline and Alan adopted her on 2.4.18.  They gave her the best life you could ask for, they simply adored her.  Unfortunately Luna was taken by cancer way too soon.  Her memory will live on in forever.


Rubi came to MP in March 2014 and was quickly re-homed to Derek and Karen, she was a regular through our holiday care program and we always remained in touched.  She was such a darling little girl who will always be fondly remembered.  She passed to the rainbow bridge in September 2018.


Heidi first came to MP via our holiday care program, so when her Mumma was no longer able to care for her the family asked if we could help in September 2017.  She went to live with her holiday care family in foster care and was quickly permanently adopted on 8.11.17.  She was loved to bits!  Darling girl passed to the bridge in October 2018 – but she is never forgotten.


Baxter came to MP via Hawkesbury Pound NSW on 19.7.2013, such a handsome fella, he was adopted by Helen on 5.10.2013 and was a very spoilt doggy, we remained in contact and always knew Baxter was truly loved.  He did get heart and kidney disease which unfortunatley took him to the bridge in November 2018.  We will always remember this little munchkin.


Dearest Bella was the sweetest little lady!  She came to MP 2.8.13 from Hawkesbury Pound NSW.  She was born 1.3.2006 and adopted on 11.8.2013 by Iris and Marque.  She had a wonderful family and wonderful life and we always remained in contact, dearest baby girl passed to the bridge on 4.2.2019.  We hold the most wonderful memories.


Caesar came to MP with his sister, Cleo in January 2013 and was quickly adopted on 4.2.13 to Carolyn and Patricia.  Caesar had a wonderful life and wanted for nothing, unfortunately a horrible heart condition took him to heaven in March 2019.  Run free sweet boy. Forever in our hearts.


Dear Brittney came to MP via RSPCA where she was known as Marbles on 31.5.2014 she was fostered by Michelle and was as cute as a button.  She was adopted by Neil and Christine and fur sister Zoe on 1.7.14.  She was a real character and had a wonderful life. Unfortunately she suffered from liver disease which finally sent her to the bridge in April 2019.  Running free with the angels.


Hercule came to MP on 2.12.2015 from a rural SA pound, he was named Tex and fostered by Sharon and her furry girls.  He was in pretty bad shape but with love, care and treatment this boy absolutely flourished – he was simply devine.  We fundraised an he was able to have cataract surgery to help with his eyesight, he had some nasty lumps removed from his body and his foster Mumma became his forever Mumma on 8.5.2016. He helped more foster doggies onto their furever homes and fitted into the pack perfectly. Hercule was taken to the bridge on 7.4.19.  Cherished memories remain.


Zachy boy came to MP via RSPCASA on 1.7.2016, he was quickly adopted by his foster family Lee-Ann and the girls – he stole their hearts pretty quickly.  He was truly loved and had a beautiful retirement helping other foster doggies onto their furever homes, he was a sweet, gentle boy with a beautiful personality.  Old age crossed dear Zach to the bridge on 16.4.2019.  Forever in our hearts.


Kobe came to MP via RSPCASA on 27.6.2014, he had severe fear anxiety and was very unsure of life.  It was quickly decided that he would remain a MP furever doggy where his issues will be looked after for his life.  He soon began to trust and Debbie and he had a great bond.  He learnt to trust visitors, but you always had to be wary as he had no warning to when he was going to nip you.  The incidents became very far and few between.  We had Kobe groomed under sedation at the vet clinic and he learnt to not fear the trips to the vet and some real progress was made with his anxiety. He got along great with the foster doggies and his pack and was truly part of the family.

Unfortunately Kobe passed due to a very unfortunate accident at home, one that will haunt Debbie for life.   He was taken way to soon and the hurt will always remain truly raw.  Kobe was a very special boy and one that was loved by the Mundy family.  Always and forever Mr. Kobelicious.

Watch Kobe’s journey here (short version)

Watch Kobe’s journey here (long version) 


Oscar was surrendered to MP on 5.5.19, he was 11 years old and the sweetest guy you would ever meet!  He spent quality time with his foster family, Lee-Ann and Anastasia having massages for his arthritis and receiving lots of love.  He was adopted to his new Mumma, Chiara and fur brother, Harry on 15.6.19 – he was about to enjoy a wonderful retirement,  Just over a week after his adoption he became sick, he got all the quality vet care, tests and medications and was doing really well, he had turned the corner and was back to his old self, but he was called to a higher place on 4.7.19 very unexpectectly and very sadly.  We hold wonderful memories of a very special boy.


Aislin was an assisted re-homing MP did in 2013.  She was born in 2008 and re-homed to her wonderful new family, Deana and Colin on 25.2.2013.  She was a very spoilt girl. Her parents did lots of training with this strong willed lady and never gave up on her.  She developed a very nasty bone cancer in her Jaw and crossed to the rainbow bridge on 7.7.2019.  Run free sweet girl.


Duke came to MP in 2014 from Hawkesbury Animal Shelter in NSW. He had terrible bad legs and walked like a cowboy so Sharon fittingly named him Duke.

He had both back legs operated on and did his rehab like a pro! He was the sweetest boy in the world.

He was fostered by myself and with Michelle E and he was a pure delight.

He was adopted to Roger and we arranged for him to have monthly massaged through Rebuilding Rover and the two had a wonderful connection. A match mad in heaven.

Unfortunately Rogers passed away and his beautiful daughter Tracey and her husband Glen adopted Duke and he moved to a beach lifestyle.

We were truly blessed to remain in contact with Duke and he stayed at the farm for holiday care – and I adored it each time I saw him.

We were honoured to be the ones to find Dukey the best retirement. Duke turned 18 years old this year on the 18th April.

On 13th September, 2019 Duke crossed to the rainbow bridge.  Run free beautiful boy, we will always hold very precious memories.

KIP (was Mav at MP)

Kip came to MP on 19.8.18 and was adopted by Trudy and Richard on 7.11.18 to be mates with their furboy Bo, also a MP doggy.  Kip was a very anxious dog and came along so well in foster care with Rachael.  Kip was truly adored by his family and treated with such care.  Unfortunately Kip had extensive degenerative disk disease in his spine and crossed to the bridge on 30.01.2020.


Vicky came into MP care 02.10.16 when her Mum passed away.  She was such a delight, as a senior we had to find her the best retirement home, which we did.  She was adopted 13.12.2016 to Christine and Darren who gave her the best life possible, our dear Vicky went to heaven on 06.02.2020 at approximately 18 years old. 


Rory was a dear 4 year old boy that I rescued before Moving Paws was created in 2011. His family were selling their house and he could not go with them. I took him into care and my Brother fostered him, he soon became a foster success. He soon had a furbrother, that were truly bonded. Rory was truly adored, unfortunately cancer got him and he crossed to the bridge on the 20th April, 2020.