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Can you help Moving Paws with Holiday Care Accommodation?

Moving Paws Inc is getting more enquiries from dog owners who would like to utilise our carers to look after their doggies when they go on holidays rather than place them in kennels.

This is a great way for Moving Paws to raise funds to assist with vet care of our Always and Forever Haven dogs.

It has benefits for those who are not able to foster care for a long period of time and for those that cannot have the commitment of a full time dog but get the enjoyment of having a pooch around the home to enjoy!

The best thing about holiday care accommodation is:

  • We are able to ascertain information about the dog before it is placed in care
  • You meet the dog/s and family before making a decision
  • The length of time you will have with the dog
  • Food is provided by their owners
  • Their bedding is provided

What is required from you:

  • Provide a safe and comfortable home away from home
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Regular walks
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Make sure they don’t miss their parents too much
  • Send photos and updates to the family and your holiday care co-ordinator

    Additional requirements:
    Current National Police Certificate
    Landlord approval (if renting)
    Fully fenced and secured yard
    House and yard check
    Confident in handling dogs
    The support of everyone in your household

If you think you can assist Moving Paws please complete an application form below

I realise I must be over 18 years of age to enter into a contract to become a holiday carer for Moving Paws Inc.: *
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Experience caring for animals: *
Do you have experience with young/new born puppies?: *
Do you have any experience caring for sick dogs? If yes, please provide details: *
Do you have an area to isolate a pet if needed?: *
Holiday care period you are interesting in providing care for: *
Date you would like to start holiday caring: *
Date you could care until: *
Are you going on holiday/going to be away in the near future? (if yes, please provide details): *
Are there any periods of time when holiday care would not be available?: *

About your circumstances:

What accommodation do you live in?: *

If you have answered "I rent" please ensure you have written confirmation from your landlord. Either upload your letter or advise us of your landlord details for us to confirm.

Upload a File for landlord permission:
Name and phone number of landlord/Real Estate agent:
What type of street do you live in?: *
Do you have a fully fenced yard?: *
Do you have a lockable gate?: *
Where will you be keeping the holiday dog: *
Do you have any other pets?: *
If yes, please tell us about your pets ie; number/age/type/temperament/personality:
Are they desexed?: *
Are their vaccinations up to date?: *
Number of adults in your household: *
Number of children (with ages) in your household: *
Is everyone in your household supportive of your decision in holiday care? Please check that all parties are in agreement before submitting your application:
Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?: *
Please tell us your reason for wanting to assist in holiday care: *
Have you had a dog before? If yes, how long have you/did you have it for and what happened to it?: *
Do you feel confident in caring for another persons dog?: *
Do you have time to look after a holiday dog?: *
How often would the holiday dog be left alone?: *
Can the holiday dog be kept inside at night?: *
How much exercise would you provide the holiday dog?: *
Are your/your families tetanus injections up to date?: *
An important part of being a Moving Paws Holiday Carer is being able to work with others, working within carer guidelines, to accept advice and act on instructions with regard to caring for the holiday dog. Also attend regular get togethers. Would this be a problem?: *

Other relevant background:

Please tell us how many people are in your household with their ages: *
Do you or anyone else in your household have any health/medical conditions that would affect your ability to care for a holiday dog? If yes, please provide details: *
Do you have any adults/children in your family with a disability? If yes, please provide details (this will be considered in relation to the welfare of the pet and vice versa, the family member): *
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?: *
If yes, please provide details (a criminal record check may be done):
Do you agree to a National Police check?: *
If you already have a Police check please upload now:
Have you ever had animals removed from your care?: *
If yes, please provide date and details:

Please provide two character references (including name, address, phone number and relationship to you), ie; vet, employer, pet supplier/grooming salon where you are a customer, charity where you volunteer, minister, school, other. Reference checks may be undertaken to confirm suitability for our foster program.

Reference 1: *
Reference 2: *
Do you have any questions or concerns about holiday care? If yes, please list:
Is there any small breed dog you are not keen on caring for?:
How did you hear about our holiday care program?: *

As a group of volunteers, we may not contact you immediately after you submit your application. We may call you of an evening or weekend as we are committed to full time employment Monday-Friday.

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