Become an Angel

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Angels Walk Among Us…
Can you help us continue to helping the senior and special needs dogs in our care?

Being a Moving Paws Angel is an easy way of making a difference
without really knowing you are doing it!

Just decide;
* How much per month you want to donate
Set up either a
* PayPal Direct Debit
* Direct debit from your account into the Moving Paws account.
Moving Paws National Australia Bank
BSB: 085 070
ACC: 121 513 873
Make sure you write your name as a description
& email us at
to let us know you are doing it.

This way at the end of the financial year you can claim
your full donation on your tax as we are a registered charity.

If you donated $10/month or week (less or more if you wanted)
that’s a whopping $120/year monthly or $520/year weekly
you are giving to the doggies!

We will keep you up to date with newsletters via email
and send a certificate of Angel Status!

A regular donation by a Moving Paws Angel
allows us to plan a stable future for our sanctuary dogs.

If you like what you hear why not start straight away.
You can choose either direct debit or PayPal.


Moving Paws Inc
National Australia Bank
BSB: 085 042
ACC: 121 513 873