Adoption Application Form

Moving Paws Inc requires an application form to be completed if you are interested in adopting a doggy. The application is then passed onto the doggies foster family for consideration.

If you are short listed for the particular doggy you applied for, you will be contacted by a team member/foster carer of Moving Paws Inc to arrange a meet a greet within one week of receiving the application.

If the first meet and greet is successful and both parties wish to proceed a home visit is then conducted. We allow both parties an additional 24 hours to make sure they are fully committed to adopting another family member.

We unfortunately as volunteers do not have time to contact every application, but as above we will contact those that are shortlisted.

Moving Paws wants the experience of adopting a new family member to be a good one and we will occasionally suggest a different doggy as your situation may not meet the needs of the individual dog you have applied for.

There is a 4 week return policy, during this period our team will be in touch several times to make sure the transition period is going well and answer any questions you may have.

Moving Paws Inc only adopts to Adelaide metropolitan, hills area and fleurieu areas.

Please email
for an application form if unable to access the online form below.


The MP adoption process takes a minimum of 3 weeks from the time of "meet n greet" to adoption day for the successful applicant. If this is inconvenient please do not apply. Do you wish to continue?:*
Name/s of dogs you are applying for - we only accept applications for current dogs in care*
Full Name:*
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I realise that I must be over 18 years of age to enter into a contract to adopt a dog from Moving Paws Inc.: *
Do you work?:*
Do you currently own or previously owned a dog:*
Breed of current dog with age/s:*
Do you have any additional pets? If so, what kind? Please include Breed/Age/Gender/Desexed: *
Is your pet good with other dogs? If you have an entire pet (not desexed) please explain why (It is a Moving Paws Inc policy that all dogs in the household are desexed prior to an adoption being completed): *
Where does your current dog sleep? Please describe:*
Where will your new dog sleep? Please describe the arrangements you have:*
Please describe your understanding of the exercise requirements of the particular breed you are wishing to adopt: *
Are you able to meet the needs above while the dog is in your care? Describe what type and amount of exercise you plan to participate in with the dog: *
What is your accommodation?:*
Is your yard securely fenced?: *
Who will be the main carer of this dog?:*
If there is no-one at home where will the dog stay? Inside or Outside? If outside, please include where the dog will be contained including type of shelter: *
Will the dog be allowed inside? For how long each day?: *
How many hours will the dog be left alone for each day?: *
What will you do with the dog if you have to go out of town or move?: *
Where will the dog go when you are on holidays?: *
Why do you want to adopt a dog?:*
What age (or range) are you looking for in your new dog?: *
Please describe what personality or breed traits you are particularly seeking in your new dog? Ie; good with kids, protective, affectionate, working ability etc. If you haven't already listed the dog's name you are applying for and wish to go on our waiting list, please outline the type of dog you are looking for: **
If the dog you are considering requires grooming, where/who will take care of its upkeep?:*
Have you factored the extra expenses in your decision?: *
Do you currently have a vet?: *
Will your new dog/s vaccinations be kept up to date?: **
If your circumstances were to change, where and whom would the dog live with?*
What food are you going to be feeding the dog?: *
Please list all members of the household with ages*
Do any of the occupants in the household smoke?:*
Is a doggy door installed?: *
If you are applying for a special needs dog or a dog with behavioural issues, please detail how you could assist with their needs: *
Please add any additional information you feel may be important to Moving Paws Inc.:*
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MP reserves the right to refuse any application. No reason will be entered into. Do you accept?: *
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