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Moving Paws Inc is a not for profit small breed dog rescue group located in Adelaide, we are a registered charity with a dedicated team of doggy lovers who re-home furkids looking for their second chance.

We assist dogs in country pounds and also work with families requiring their pets to be re-homed.

Each pooch is cared for in a loving home environment and treated as one of the family, they are provided with the best vet care, grooming, training and socialisation.

Moving Paws helps a lot of special needs and senior doggies and we are committed to making sure they live out their twilight years with love and dignity.

** please note we do not have a public facility that can be visited **

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1 day ago

Some of you will have seen a post on Wednesday for an 18 year old husky. I like many others were amazed that someone could give away their 18 year old husky. The truth of the matter is just so overwhelmingly sad that I would like to share the story with you.
Once I read the post again I had second thoughts, the owners have flown him from New Zealand, which is not cheap. I decided to call the owners and see why they were rehoming him. The husky belonged to the mans mum, who passed away. Instead of leaving this 18 year old in New Zealand, they had it flown to Adelaide at the cost of over $6k to themselves. Just after this happened the poor guy lost his job, and has since become homeless. Although it broke his heart to do it he thought the best outcome was to rehome Icy so he could live out the rest of his days in comfort even though it was breaking their heart.
I asked him not to give Icy to anyone until I had spoken to a friend. The friend (he can tag himself if he wants you to know who he is) did'nt let me down, even though it was a big ask, he collected Icy today not to rehome him, but to foster him until the owners are back on their feet. They were so grateful that they are not losing their boy, that they can see him when they want to and will eventually get him back god willing.
It goes to show that sometimes instead of judging ask the person "how can I help" You will be surprised how good it feels to help another human being going through a tough time.

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Early this morning we lost a very loved MP Bubba to the rainbow bridge.

After a tragic event yesterday that I can’t bring myself to speak about my darling Kobe lost his fight.

He came to MP in June 2014 with fear issues but we built a life that Kobe loved and felt safe. We got to see the beautiful boy he was. What an honour it was.

My world is completely shattered and my heart is broken - you deserved so much more Mr. Kobelicious and I am so sorry I failed you.

I will miss you more than words.
Be good for Nanna.


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Today we remember Nana MP, we lost a wonderful soul 4 years ago.

My beautiful Mum, my rock, the backbone of MP.

Miss you everyday, but I know the important work you are doing upstairs with all those that have passed over.

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ABN: 74 432 719 658     CHARITY LICENCE NUMBER: CCP2864