Our Mission

Since September 2011, Moving Paws Inc has been rescuing the underdogs, we began with NSW shelters taking the dogs that would otherwise have been put to sleep, we assisted the general public in their times of need and in 2014 we began working with the RSPCA.

We have re-homed many dear dogs and provided them with a wonderful second chance, we also provided many dogs that were unable to be re-homed for many reasons with stable and nurtured forever homes.

In September 2020 on our 9th birthday we made the decision to be solely an Always and Forever Haven for the dogs we had in care, we would no longer be rescuing and re-homing.

Our resources could no longer be stretched and our personal lives had immense workloads.

So, our mission is to provide our sanctuary dogs with the very best medical care, caring forever homes and most of all plenty of love and when the time is right, a dignified and loving farewell.