Volunteer Information

Moving Paws Inc is always looking to grow our team.  The more dedicated members we have, the more dogs we can help.

Volunteers are imperative to the work we do.

Please follow the links to your area of interest;


If you are interested in fostering care small breed dogs, please click the name title above for more information.  Feel free to email; Debbie Mundy –  movingpaws@live.com.au.


If you cannot commit to an extended amount of time fostering a dog, perhaps our holiday care program would be of interest.  This is a shorter term commitment that helps raise much needed funds for our organisation.  Please click the name title above for more information.   Feel free to email; Michelle Exner -movingpaws8@outlook.com


Perhaps, you would like to be part of our fundraising team? Help organise events, set up events, spread the word via social media, bring ideas to the team and implement your passion. Feel free to email;  Fallyn McInnes -movingpaws4@live.com


Marketing/PR Co-ordinator

The MP doggies are looking for a motivated and passionate human to run their marketing department.

The role includes; social media, profiling sanctuary and rescue dogs, connecting with supporters and keeping them up to date with informative and interactive associations, promote and inspire our organisation through marketing and be a valued pack member. Please email your interest; Debbie Mundy -movingpaws@live.com.au