Hi Deb, hope you are well, look how good Mickey is doing – we’ve converted a few friends into adopting a rescue rather than a puppy given our incredible experience with Mickey. Thank you – Peter




MB IMAGEHarry & I dedicate this picture to Debbie Mundy & the team at Moving Paws Inc Rescue in Adelaide.

● Deb & her team work extremely hard as advocates for the rescue & adoption of many dogs in adelaide & from interstate who
have been surrendered or rescued through no fault of their own.

● Their love, devotion & commitment to these animals is unwavering. I have seen Deb & the team grieve terribly for so many dogs who have passed away. The rescued dogs have been given love & happiness in the last stages of their lives. Then love, compassion & dignity in death.

● The adoption process for the beautiful dogs from MP is strict & also confidential & rightly so!! Animals shouldn’t be passed around with out very serious thought & commitment. MP will always put the welfare & safety of their dogs first.

● Moving Paws & their team deserve so much commendation for the work they do. I have so much respect & admiration for them.

● Moving Paws Inc – we wish you luck in your future fundraising functions. I hope my friends in Adelaide will get behind them & support them.

● If you can’t attend the functions, there are other ways to support them – donation of cash, food, toys, bedding, blankets, any doggy items – everything is needed for them to continue to help save these doggies!! Everything is appreciated!!! Fostering & volunteers are also needed.

Much love always,
Maryann & Harry Bruce

LacAn update on Lacey from her new Dad (17.06.14)

“She is fitting in really well and playing with her toys.
I think she is happy with me and Jenny.
She follows me around the house and yard a lot.
I think she still worries about being left.
In time I reckon she will come good with that.
Have walked every day, and great to see her take in beach near my parents place. All my family just think she is adorable.
She is a top little dog. A real little dear.  Thanks for the chance to re-home Lacey with us.  P.S. Thanks for all the items in the bag that came with Lacey, I wasn’t expecting all that.  I am making a donation to help you continue the amazing work you and your whole team do.
I can see that it really makes a difference. Thank you.”

WELL, Lacey’s new Dad made a wonderful donation to MP – he is now a lifetime supporter.

Stories liLacey 3ke this is why we do what we do – Lacey was Picture 008 weba matted, unloved little munchkin when we rescued her from a cold pound – and today she is adored and adopted by a person who truly appreciates the work of rescue.

I can highly recommend having a rescue dog to anyone, as they seem to know and appreciate when someone gives them a second chance and a good life.” ~ Chris




I first came across Moving Paws website after checking all animal rescue sites every day and searching the web for rescue dogs. I knew I wanted to give an older dog a home but was worried at the solitude all day, as I do work full time. Once I realised there were foster homes out there I closely followed Moving Paws Inc site and loved their philosophy around rescuing and after care. After about three months of looking, there they were two little dogs who could not be separated, rescued from euthanasia in NSW. Sid and Nancy, I knew from the start they were for me. So the process began, I loved the way Deb and Sharon were so protective and fussy whom these little cherubs went to. I filled in an application form and answered many questions. I was approved after a home visit and a couple of hours of getting acquainted with them. I then had to wait until their vet checks and de-sexing was all completed and the recovery period. All through this stage I received text messages and photos almost nightly. Then pick up day arrived. I met the other foster dogs and what a homely environment they were in, it truly touched my heart that these guys care so much and give up all of their time. When I took Sid and Nancy home they came with their own beds, bowls, toys, collars, leads and coats. Also provided were my own adoption and medical history papers. Amazing, when I realised what it would have cost to see these little munchkins into their new home it was so much more than they cost me. They truly dodged a bullet, thank you Moving Paws for all your dedication to rescuing as many animals as you do. I now cannot imagine my life without these two little treasures.

C. Crawford

banjo-new-homeBanjo is settling in and has the run of the place. He is a great joy to us. If he feels we are not going to bed early enough and he is tired he goes to sleep on our bed. He is a lap dog now. He goes beserk when Eric or I come home. We have to sit down while he jumps up and licks us all over. It is really funny to watch. I had Eric feeding him as he was very timid around him. Now he is his best friend. Thanks again.

C. Trotta

This is what happens when you place a tin at your workplace….. what a delight to hear!
Hi  Debbie (and team)
Just a quick note to say I how much I value the great work you and your team are doing in the area of animal rescue and that I am a regular, monthly, client at Spoilt Hairdressers in Mt Barker and always make a donation in ‘your tin’ when I visit in appreciation of the costs involved in caring and providing vet care and medications for the needy. I ‘ liked ‘ you on Facebook after I read about your work on the Adelaide Now site, and now follow the  many furry friends  you have given a 2nd chance by working so hard to get them adopted to good forever homes.I have a rescue Chihuahua who I adopted age 12 ½  . His owner no longer wanted him.   It seemed no one wanted an old chap who was blind in one eye with few teeth left, even at no charge. (I did).  He was re-named (ironically he was formerly named “Lucky” ).   Blinky is now nearly 16, as fit as,  and has never looked back and is such a delight to have around.   I decided to keep his ‘new’ name in recognition of his beginning a new start in life.   I do have a very soft spot for the Seniors, they are so rewarding.

Best wishes to you all and thank you,

Kind Regards,
J Obst

What a wonderful bunch of people at Moving Paws! Debbie and her team do such an amazing job of finding home for furkids in desperate need. We lost our beloved GSD x cross of 14 years in the September of last year and we were wanting to try fostering for a rescue group. After scanning numerous websites & facebook pages to find a rescue group – was recommended Moving Paw’s by another animal rescue group. Having spoken with Debbie on the phone I felt reassured about the fostering/adopting process and lucky for me, her team was having a GSD x cross coming into their care from Renbury Pound NSW.  I had a yard check done to ensure suitability and filled in fostering forms and within 2 weeks Harvey had arrived – with such enthusiasm & gusto – we quickly became one of those ‘failed fosters’!!! He had been with us not 24 hours and we were already totally smitten with him and we wanted to adopt him. He is such a lovely boy with such a beautiful nature.. Harvey now has a ‘failed foster’ sister, who together are such wonderful, loving, happy dogs and the just the best of friends. We are so happy Harvey was given a second chance by Debbie and her team to come into our home and brighten up our lives. Thank you Debbie – for all you have done and everything you are doing for these animals.  N Lowe

I cannot praise Cheryl Williams your Dog Whisperer highly enough. My Barney is a rescue dog and always very scared of being touched. I talked to Cheryl over the phone and sent her a photo of him. Through her chats, Barney has become a different dog. He doesn’t run away and now jumps up for a pat. He loves the bed and snuggles up to me at night for cuddles.
Dog Whispering really works!
Thanks Moving Paws for telling me about Cheryl.
Regards Kerry