Our re-homing process


The Moving Paws Inc re-homing process:

At Moving Paws we take finding the right home for our pooches very seriously and for that reason we have an extensive adoption process.

A surrender form is completed by the current owner of the dog and also a 4 page document detailing their current behaviour, the dogs likes and dislikes and as much back ground information as possible for our carers and our team to help find the dog the perfect home and also to rehabilitate if necessary while in our care.

When the doggy is ready for adoption;

  • We advertise our munchkins on our facebook page, our website and also petrescue.com.au
  • All potential owners have to complete an extensive online application form:


  • The carers assess each application individually and with a lot of thought.   Short listed applicants are phoned by our carers and a general chat about the dog takes place.  If both parties agree it may be a suitable fit then both parties meet at a neutral location with the dogs, we all spend about 1 hour together, they applicant get to walk and interact with the dog/s and spend some quality time together.  After this meeting our team ask the applicant to advice in 24 hours if they are interested in proceeding to the next stage.    The foster carers also get this time to decide if they feel the applicant is the right match for their foster dog.   If both parties are in agreeance we proceed to the next step.
  • Stage 2 is a home visit where the pets are taken to the potential new home, again we spend another hour with the entire family and all questions etc are answered and we see how the animals react in the environment.  Our team members make sure the applicant is fully aware of the commitment they are about to take on.   Once again we give the applicant and the foster carers 24 hours to decide if this is the perfect match.
  • If all went well, and everyone is excited then that week we ask that an adoption agreement is signed (normally via email), adoption fee paid (normally via eft) and an adoption day is organised between the carer and the successful applicant.
  • Then a 4 week trial period begins.  During this time our carers/team members contact the family twice a week to make sure all is going to plan, answer any questions they may have and help make sure that the transition period is as perfect as can be for all parties.
  • Once the 4 week trial period is complete and everyone is happy Moving Paws Inc makes sure that the microchip is changed into the new owners name and we inform the new owners to register their new family member at their local council.
  • We remain friends forever!  The team loves to hear feedback from new families, photos and stories make our day – so please make sure you stay in touch.

PS –   If we are asked to re-home a pair of dogs, and they are a bonded pair, we do not separate them.  We wait til the right home is found.  However if we find the animals are not “getting along” in care we can make the decision to re-home them separately, but this is very rare.