Grandpaws Awards


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 What is the Grandpaws Awards?

The Grandpaws Awards is an initiative of Moving Paws Inc.  We want to hear, see and share all the wonderful stories of senior and special needs doggies far and wide.

 There will be 2 categories – one for companion senior pooches (pooches over 8 years of age) and one for special needs pooches (no age limit)

 How does Grandpaws Awards work?

 We ask that as many families as possible submit their story (via an online application form right here) with photos of their wonderful pooch and how he/she has impacted their life.

 The awards commence this year on 1st march 2016 with the winner being determined by public votes on our Facebook page – Grandpaws Awards.  This allows all your family and friends to share your wonderful family member far and wide whilst also educating the community on how senior really do rock!

 The winners will be announced at our annual High Tea on Sunday 19th June 2016.

 Why are we conducting this unique yearly award?

 This award has been created solely to raise awareness and to educate the community on all the benefits senior and special needs dogs have to offer.  It is one thing for a rescue group to continually say that these dogs are awesome, but what better way than for people to see, hear and read exactly that.  The community gets to see real stories from real people about their wonderful relationships with the special pooches in their lives.

 We are hoping to take away the stigma that all senior/special needs dogs cost extra money, that their life spans are way shorter, they are less active and exciting.  For those of us who have the privilege of owning a senior or special needs doggy, we know this is wrong.  But for those who are less educated, we want to educate them. 

Our rescue assists many “special needs” doggies and we feel it is important to add this category to the award.  It’s an opportunity for the community at large to once again see that these wonderful souls have so much love to give and how they can be such an important part of our families.

 By special needs we refer to doggies with say; epilepsy, dementia, missing limbs, heart condition, lack of vision, lack of hearing, severe arthritis, behavioral issues etc.

 What does the winner receive?

This award is all about the pooches!  The award is to celebrate the life of seniors and special needs doggies.

 Both winning pooches will receive a great trophy – one to be very proud of – just like each Prince/Princess deserves. 

Who is the award open to?

This award is open to all senior & special needs pooches owners Australia wide.  We would also love to hear from any overseas supporters, but unfortunately we are unable to post the winning prize. 

The Moving Paws Team is very excited about receiving all the wonderful stories to share and to educate. We hope with all these wonderful testimonials the senior and special needs dogs will get the second chances they deserve.

How do you enter?

For Companion GP application form enter here
For Special Needs GP application form enter here