Foster Carer Testimonials

If you are wondering what Foster Caring is all about, please read the testimonials below:

If you have ever wondered what fostering dogs for a rescue group is like, well, I can tell you it is wonderful. I now have my third foster dog and with each dog I feel a deeper sense of purpose and of giving something back to the world. I also have very selfish reasons for fostering , I adore dogs, and love nothing more than getting a scared, broken, sometimes smelly dog and pampering and loving it back to health. Really what girl doesn’t enjoy doing a makeover. Don’t we all have about 5-6 breeds we have always wanted to own but can’t in reality have that many, well this is one way to get to know them all. Then rather like a grandparent or aunt, you hand the dog onto it’s forever family once it is ready to move on. Yes that isn’t the easiest part, some steal your heart and you just have to keep them, but others you know in your heart they are going to have the best life ever with their new family and you gave them that chance, you did, you changed the world for one small dog. That is just the best feeling in the world.

My foster dogs have been, Reggie, a Jack Russell,  he was such a perfect gentleman and went to the very best family. Number two was Tex an Australian Silky Terrier, he stole my heart so has stayed and is now Hercule Tex Poirot. Currently I have the tiniest ever live wire, Zoe a Yorkshire Terrier cross. She has gone from a terrified waif to a little Miss important with far too many toys, she is a delight. Plus I have three girls of my own two Maltese, Tiger-Lily and Scout and a Maltese cross Tasha. ~ SharonREGGIE TEX ZOE

 We have been foster carers for over 3 years now and have cared for 15 foster dogs and 3 holiday cares. Being a foster carer has been a very rewarding experience. Welcoming a new foster into the home means allowing the dog space and time to adjust to their situation as they are just as anxious as humans when their situation changes. We expect the odd accident as they work out where they eat, sleep and do their business. The key is to be calm and look for the positives. Dogs thrive with attention. One thing that helps our foster dogs to adjust is walks twice a day and it is a good time to observe them on and off the lead in a park. Time in public also helps to develop their social skills and alerts us to issues they may have regarding humans and other animals. This allows the carer to work out the best possible home and future owner for the dog. The meet and greets are very important in determining if our foster likes the people and dogs we introduce them to.

The hardest part about being a foster carer is letting your foster go, particularly when the bond is very strong, which it usually is, and you have watched them become confident happy characters with their own unique behaviours. Fostering is great if you have the time to do it and the reward is the company and love while we have them. ~ Ros, Danny & Kate.

I began fostering dogs with Moving Paws in February 2014 to give some company to my own dog.  All up we have fostered five dogs, all small but all so very different.
The longest foster we had was Roxie.  She was with us for six months.  When I first met Roxie, she came over and lent against my legs and I felt a connection with her.  Roxie had guarding issues and suffered from seizures but through research, training, love, patience and support from Debbie we minimised and managed her guarding behaviour and she was adopted by a wonderful family who live close to Roxie’s favourite place, a beach.
I have since become a foster carer coordinator and find this very fulfilling as it is bringing dogs and people together – enriching both lives.  For every dog and every home, there is one that is the perfect fit.  Some dogs need their humans at home, some need a doggy brother/sister and some need to be an only dog and this can begin in foster care.
Volunteering with Moving Paws has taught me a lot about dog behaviour, puts me in touch with other wonderful crazy dog people and may have even saved a life or two.Mt Barker Dog Park

Miss Violet –  it was an absolute pleasure to look after you and get to know you. We are sad you left us but sooooo happy you went to your forever home! People ask me how I can be a foster carer, well the sadness of letting her go will fade but the joy of having helped her on her way to happiness never will. Welcome to your happy forever after Miss Vio, we will never forget you:)
Love Laurence and Andrew  (Foster Carers)violet

We have found our first experience with fostering very rewarding and hope we will be able to continue to help. Lily is such a dear little dog that has come so far since leaving RSPCA   – we are so pleased she has such a great home. Debbie you need to be congratulated on the group that you have formed and obviously dedicated so much time and love to and to the little guys in need. We have been in rescue work for nearly 14 years now and there is “rescue” and there is “rescue” as I am sure you know. Moving Paws is a wonderful organisation and we are so pleased to be involved even if in a small way. Louise has been fantastic support to us – such a great person to talk to and work with. It is also great that she is setting up a group on the Fleurieu Peninsular.
Best regards Rae and JanLilly-2-300x225