Foster Carer Application

** Please only apply if you are looking at becoming a long term carer/volunteer – please do not apply if you are looking for a companion while self isolating **

I realise I must be over 18 years of age to enter into a contract to become a foster carer for Moving Paws Inc.:*
Experience caring for animals:*
Do you have any experience caring for sick dogs? If yes, please provide details:*
Would you be interested in helping care for a pet with a manageable temporary condition? (We cover vet care):*
Do you have an area to isolate a pet if needed?:*
Foster care period you are interested in providing care for:*
Date you would like to start foster caring:*
Date you could foster until:*
Can you foster a dog until we have found its forever home? (this may take weeks or months):*
Are you going on holiday/going to be away in the near future? (if yes, please provide details:*
Are there any periods of time when foster care would not be available? (Please note we need reasonable security with foster care. It places a lot of pressure on the foster system if foster carers pull out without adequate notice. We generally need at least 2 weeks notice if care is unavailable and preferably as much notice as possible. In an emergency we will do whatever necessary to move the foster dog as needed):*
What accommodation do you live in?:*
Do you have a fully fenced yard?:*
Do you have lockable gates?:
Do you have a doggy door installed?:*
Where will you be keeping the foster dog?:*
Do you have any other pets? If yes, please tell us about them ie; number/age/temperament/personality:*
Are your pets desexed?:*
Are their vaccinations up to date?:*
Is everyone in your household supportive of you fostering? Please check that all parties are in agreement before submitting your application:*
Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?:*
Please tell us your reason for wanting to foster a dog:*
Have you had a dog before? If yes, how long have you/did you have if for and what happened to it:*
How often would the foster dog be left alone?:*
Can the foster dog be kept inside at night?:*
How much exercise would you provide the foster dog?:*
Are you/your families tetanus injections up to date?:*
Foster carers must be reasonably contactable by phone and preferably email & Facebook. Would this be an issue?:*
An important part of being a Moving Paws Foster Carer is being able to work with others, working within foster care guidelines, to accept advice and act on instructions with regard to caring for the foster dog. Also attend regular get togethers. Would this be acceptable?:*

Other relevant background:

Please tell us how many people are in your household with their ages::*
Do you or anyone else in your household have any health/medical conditions that would affect your ability to care for a foster dog? If yes, please provide details:*
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?:*
If yes, please provide details (a criminal record check may be done):
Have you ever had animals removed from your care?:*
Please provide one character reference (including name, address, phone number and relationship to you) ie: vet, employer, pet groomer etc. Reference checks may be undertaken to confirm suitability for our foster program:*
Most carers provide food for their foster pets. Are you able to provide food?:*
Do you have any questions or concerns about fostering? If yes, please list:
How did you hear about Moving Paws?:*

As a group of volunteers we may not contact you immediately after you submit your application. We may call you of an evening or weekend as we are committed to full time employment Monday-Friday.

Date of application:*
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