Sanctuary Dogs

The furbabies below are what we call MP Forever doggies. They are cared for in a loving environment to live out their years in comfort.


Daisy touched up

Daisy was rescued in 2012 at 18 months of age.  She is a Chi X and a sweet little cherub.  On her arrival she was suffering from bad kennel cough and bronchitis so was isolated to help recover.  It wasn’t until after this period it came to our attention that Daisy has severe fear issues.  At some stage early in her life she experienced a nasty trauma, more than likely a kick to the head.

We had an extensive session with Sam from Sherlock Bones and it was determined that the “perfect” home was the only place that Daisy would survive without the likelihood of her being put to sleep for nipping and biting humans.  This is quite an ask as it requires constant awareness and understanding.  It was at this time Debbie and the MP team made the decision that Daisy would remain in Debbie’s care for her lifetime and will receive ongoing training that is required to keep her issues in as much order as possible.  Debbie has locks on her gates so visitors cannot visit unannounced as this makes Daisy very uneasy and very likely to strike, she becomes very stressed and feels the need to protect her family and her territory.  She will not allow people to enter her domain.  Debbie’s family and friends are fully aware of Daisy and take all the necessary steps when visiting.  After 4 years in our care we are starting to see improvement and we hope this continues.



Peggy-Sue came to Moving Paws via the RSPCASA, she has a condition called dry-eye.  She was taken from her previous owners who failed to look after this condition and also failed to treat a grass seed in her eye.

Peggy has twice daily treatment and has been in our care since December 2013, we had hoped that her tear production would come back to fruition once she received the necessary treatment and she would just need eye drops every three days, however this is not the case.

Peggy is prone to eye infections and her eyes need constant care and upkeep.  She is a delightful girl and we love her!


pENNY 1 copy

Penny came to Moving Paws in August 2014, her Mum had gone into care.  Penny has a high grade heart murmur and heart disease.  She is a darling 14 year old girl who deserves to spend her retirement in a warm, loving environment.

Penny has found her furever home and Moving Paws will make sure that all her vet care and medication expenses are taken care of so she can spend her twilight years pain free.


Chelsey 10.1.15

Chelsey came to MP via the RSPCASA in January 2015.  She was extremely shut down and we believe had been used purely for breeding.  Chelsey is not comfortable at all with the outside world, petrified of the lead and still prefers to eat most of her food off the floor instead of out of her bowl.  Chelsey will be a long work in progress, things cannot be rushed, she needs to work out the new world for herself.  Because of this reason it was decided that Chelsey will remain a furever doggy as the stress of re-homing would be too much.

She lives permanently at HQ learning each day from her new pack and family.  One day we are hoping she will love life for all it has to offer.



Kobe came to MP via RSPCASA in June 2014.   Kobe was a dog that you could not touch.  He is a fear biter and can do damage when he wants to.  He needs to be in the right hands.

He took extremely well to living at HQ with the pack and his biting calmed down, the issue with Kobe is when outsiders need to assist him ie: grooming and vet checks.  He requires a very understanding owner that can calm the situation.

After many consultations with 2 separate vets it was recommended that Kobe remain with MP.  If he was placed in a wrong situation it could be detrimental, so Kobe remains a happy chappy full of charm in the care of MP.  Everyone loves him!



Pepe came to Moving Paws via RSPCASA in May 2015 he is approximately 14 years old and suffers from pancreatitis, he is also losing his sight, due to his ailments we felt it best he see his retirement out as a MP furever doggy.

He is an adorable munchkin that is adored by his furever foster family and he is seeing his days out in the lap of luxury.


IMG_0049Barney was surrendered by his previous owners due to his severe guarding issues.  It was obvious that he is a dog that cannot be placed in a home that does not fully understand his issues and his communication.  He is a good doggy but is capable of some severe biting if managed incorrectly.  It was deemed he was not suitable for re-homing and must remain in the care of MP where he is protected from doing damage and can live a happy, healthy and normal doggy life.


Maddi 21.2.16Maddi was found on the streets of Willunga will two severely neglected eyes, matted fur and a mouth full of rotted teeth.  The RSPCASA gave Mads a full dental, a trim and found her previous owners who no longer wanted Madelyn.  MP had heard about this dear girl and asked if we could help.  As Maddi is 15 years old the RSPCA felt she would be far better off in our care.  We took her to specialists appointments where it was deemed one of her eyes needed to be removed due to severe untreated glaucoma.  The rspca kindly took care of this for us and she was much happier without the constant pain.  Then our hearts broke 4 weeks later when we found out she had glaucoma in her good eye and she had extremely limited vision that will only get worse, and quite possibly that eye may need to be removed.  Madi is now pretty much fully blind.  But the time this was diagnosed she had found her way around the home at HQ and we felt it only fair that she not go through the stress of rehoming being blind.


Rob 26.12.15

Dear Robbie was left abandoned in a home in Murray Bridge.  Rob is a senior boy and after many vet visits and consults we found he was suffering for a number of concerns; heart failure, renal failure and pancreatitis.  Robbie’s vet bills are quite expensive and he requires ongoing care with medication and special diet.  He remains in the care of MP and all his needs are taken care off and we hope to give Robbie a cherished retirement.

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