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 Leo and Dory


Leo and Dory are both 7 year old West Highland Terriers – they have been together their whole life.

They have been fully vetted and a beautiful bonded pair.  Dory just loves her human and is the perfect lap dog.  They both need to be walked every day, they enjoy interaction and being part of the family.

Dory has ear issues, they have been operated on but require daily cleaning and ointment, for her lifetime. She also has some dry eye issues which require daily eye drops.  Both Leo and Dory have common skin issues and will ALWAYS require medicated baths up to 3 times a week.  These issues need to be taken very seriously when considering adoption, they require ongoing care and expenses – but are worth every cent!

Their adoption fee as a pair is $850.  They both come with their pedigree paperwork and are both fully vetted.

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Xavier is a pure bred Mini Pinscher, he is approx. 13 years old.

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His adoption fee is: $150


Harry is approximately 10 years old, Maltese x Poodle X.

His adoption fee is: $250

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Kip is approximately 6 years old, medium size Terrier X

His adoption fee is:  $350

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Jack is 5 years old and FULL OF LIFE. He needs an owner that is going to burn his energy up! So he has days full of fun and big sleeps at night.

He is a dog that needs leadership and direction and then you will be repaid with the most devoted companion.

Jack is ideally suited to a larger property or farm lifestyle or with someone who is very active during the day that can provide stimulation and then at night he will be a total lap dog!

He has come such a long way in foster care, due to the dedication of his carer who has taken the time to be calm and gentle with Jack, teach him right from wrong and keep his mind stimulated.

Jack is best living with guided boundaries and has not been tested with children. We feel he is best re-homed in an environment without children and is not suitable in a home with elderly owners – as he has a lot of energy to burn.

He is a loving doggie that just wants his own devoted master.

His adoption fee is $250



Chilli is a 4 year old Chihuhua X.  He is thriving in foster care with his socialisation skills and mixing with other pooches. Once he has full confidence he will be available for adoption.

His adoption fee will be $300

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Moving Paws Inc requires an application form to be completed if you are interested in adopting a doggy. The application is then passed onto the doggies foster family for consideration. We request if you are interested in a dog a form must be completed.

Please complete via our online form here:

If you are short listed for the particular doggy you applied for, you will be contacted by a team member/foster carer of Moving Paws Inc to arrange a meet a greet within one week of receiving the application.

If you are not short listed, you will not be contacted.  We unfortunately, simply do not have the resources to contact each applicant.

If the first meet and greet is successful and both parties wish to proceed a home visit is then conducted. We allow both parties an additional 24 hours to make sure they are fully committed to adopting another family member.

Moving Paws wants the experience of adopting a new family member to be a good one and we will occasionally suggest a different doggy as your situation may not meet the needs of the individual dog you have applied for.

There is a 4 week return policy, during this period our team will be in touch several times to make sure the transition period is going well and answer any questions you may have.

Moving Paws Inc only adopts to Adelaide metropolitan, hills area and fleurieu areas.

** If you have completed an application form it is kept on file, so you do not need to complete a new one for each dog your are interested in **

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