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Moving Paws Inc is a not for profit small breed dog rescue group located in Adelaide, we are a registered charity with a dedicated team of doggy lovers who re-home furkids looking for their second chance.

We assist dogs in interstate pounds, those requiring private re-homing and we also have a working relationship with the RSPCASA.

Each pooch is cared for in a loving home environment and treated as one of the family, they are provided with the best vet care, grooming, training and socialisation.

Moving Paws helps a lot of special needs and senior doggies and we are committed to making sure they live out their twilight years with love and dignity.

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This made me chuckle! 😂😂 ...

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Felicidade em pequenas coisas <3

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Moving Paws Inc. shared Blacktown City Animal Holding Facility's video. ...

~ HE ISN'T COPING ~ He looks at us so desperately with his eyes pleading for love. He goes crazy when we walk past his kennel because he's not used to being in one indefinitely. Our staff try and comfort him but we can't be with him 24/7 :( He's not coping, he doesn't even have a name as he isn't microchipped. For 48 days he waits but every extra day he goes a little more crazy :( He just craves human attention, that is all. We really feel sorry for this guy. We see it in his eyes that all he wants is love and when we go into his kennel he hugs us and doesn't want to let go... Please visit the facility if you are interested in adopting this boy. He looks like a Staffy x, about 2-3 years old and his impound number is 1560. He's a friendly and sweet boy, he sits at your feet sometimes without even being asked and we know his personality will change for the better when he's been adopted. His adoption fee is just $200 and it includes desexing, vaccination, lifetime registration, a vet check and microchipping. OPENING HOURS Sat 9am-1pm Sun 9-11am Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm WHERE Blacktown Animal Holding Facility 415 Flushcombe Road, Prospect NSW CONTACT US Call (02) 9839 6161 Email:

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Day 2 update from Molly

Hi Aunty Deb, just to let you know that i am plumb tuckered out..ive had a lovely walk/ run ( coz i was so excited.)....with my fur sister this afternoon.. and had a great time sussing out my new home....Ive had my dinner and taken my tablets like a good girl...Mummy said we might go to the beach tomorrow if it doesnt rain...Now im im snuggled up in my bed nice and warm...
Love you lots
..miss you....Molly xxx

For any foster carer these messages make your day. You get attached no matter how hard you try. Each doggy becomes part of your life and to hear they are settled and loving their new life is wonderful 💗

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In February 2014 we helped 2 little senior poodles find their second chance (Olive and Rubi).

Today we received their brother, Bobby in care. He too is a frail senior needing lots of tlc and there is no doubt he will receive far more than that with his new Dad, John.

John, thank you again for being a true angel to dear Bobby. Bobby and Olive are re-united and Olive has let her brother know just who the boss is in the new house!!!

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ABN: 74 432 719 658     CHARITY LICENCE NUMBER: CCP2078