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Moving Paws Inc is a not for profit small breed dog rescue group located in Adelaide, we are a registered charity with a dedicated team of doggy lovers who re-home furkids looking for their second chance.

We assist dogs in country pounds and also work with families requiring their pets to be re-homed.

Each pooch is cared for in a loving home environment and treated as one of the family, they are provided with the best vet care, grooming, training and socialisation.

Moving Paws helps a lot of special needs and senior doggies and we are committed to making sure they live out their twilight years with love and dignity.

** please note we do not have a public facility that can be visited **

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Claude’s Den is done 👍👍

My sis n I worked out booties off today.

Now gotta wait for the lawn to grow.

Claude tested (as well as the rest of the crew) out his lush new kennel and man cave - and it’s all got a tick of approval.

(PS - this area is only for Claude when I’m not home. He sleeps inside!)

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5 year Angelversary to our darling Alfie.

He arrived in care with Timmy on 20.3.14, he was in such bad health, we did everything we could beautiful boy, we wish we could have done more.

We only had you 2 short days but you crossed to the bridge surrounded by your loving family, in your home with a name, I made sure of that.

I was so gut wrenched we didn't get you sooner. You were a darling boy, just like little Timmy.

You will always be remembered and loved.

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The area has been fenced this week and I need to do some "tweeking" over the weekend, but I am so pleased with the outcome for my dear boy.

Thank you to the 3 lovely people that kindly donated towards his new daytime enclosure - Barry / Rachael & Michelle - I am very grateful.

I am on the look out for an old cubby house or similar that we can use as his hut. If you know of anyone that has one and has the capability of delivery that would be even better!! - as I am very limited in my muscle and transport skills 🙂 I have been watching Marketplace!

Thank you to Ros, Danny and Kate who donated a lovely kennel and trampoline bed today and delivered too!!!

Claude is going to benefit from being in a smaller area each day, less area for him to feel like he needs to own and protect and I look forward to working more closely with him to help with his issues.

If you would like to contribute to Claude's den expenses I would be ever so grateful

Would you like to be Claude's Angel?

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ABN: 74 432 719 658     CHARITY LICENCE NUMBER: CCP2864