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Moving Paws Inc is a not for profit small breed dog rescue group located in Adelaide, we are a registered charity with a dedicated team of doggy lovers who re-home furkids looking for their second chance.

We assist dogs in country pounds, those requiring private re-homing and we also have a working relationship with the RSPCASA.

Each pooch is cared for in a loving home environment and treated as one of the family, they are provided with the best vet care, grooming, training and socialisation.

Moving Paws helps a lot of special needs and senior doggies and we are committed to making sure they live out their twilight years with love and dignity.

** please note we do not have a public facility that can be visited **

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How awesome is this! ...

Mahalo to Beach Buddies volunteer Darlene Rayhill of Ohana Films for taking shelter dog Hina out for a day of fun in the sun, and for putting together this short film. Hina's BIG SMILE says it all! Learn more about Beach Buddies here:

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Can you see yourself in any of these roles?






please send an email to;
let us know what you are interested in and what you would love to contribute.


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Yesterday our darling Benny finally had his lumps removed.

His cushings is starting to get under control. So we felt more comfortable with him having a GA.

3 lumps removed, a dental (with 2 extractions) and biopsies taken from 2 lumps on his bottom.

In 2 weeks his cushings levels will be re-tested for the third time - it's a slow and steady process. And then we move forward to his cruciate repair.

Benny boy you are having a full grease and oil change!!! You will be a new boy in no time!

Thank you to Mumma Su for looking after our boy 💙💙

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Flynn has arrived!

He and I have had some time in the car this afternoon. He's a sweet boy, loves human attention, pats and just being part of your life.

The crew have welcomed him. He seemed a little unsettled until I realised he just wanted to sit on the couch! He has some back issues, he can't jump and at times you can see he is a little uncomfortable. He has pain meds and his vet check is Friday.

It's all up from her dear one. Welcome to the MP pack 💙

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Oliver is home 💙

This has been a very tough week for my sister and I.

Oliver went to the bridge last Monday - he was the last of our Mummas dogs to pass 💔

Later in the week our Mummas 40 year old cocky, George passed away. He was found on my farm not in his cage and how that happened we will never know. It was heartbreaking.

Yesterday her beloved cat, Mollie passed away. Mum adopted Mols from the rspca and she had some tough medical issues but Mum and Jude persisted and Mols pulled through a lot of challenges. Unfortunately after over all the obstacles she got cancer and diabetes. My sister loved her unconditionally since Mum passed and has given her twice daily insulin and nursed her while sick. Yesterday she was called home 💔

So tonight I collected Oliver from Paws2reflect and dropped Mollie off.

Nana MP now has her full family back with her. I know there's a big rescue group up there and I know they are all so happy to be reunited.

Loving animals is tough. Saying goodbye is always so hard. But I've always seen MP as the rescue that gives the seniors and the underdogs a wonderful retirement and i hope to always be able to do that.

Run free my little family. Til we meet again 🌈

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ABN: 74 432 719 658     CHARITY LICENCE NUMBER: CCP2078